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CybSafe reaps the benefits of turning to the channel

The security firm has provided an update a year after it made its decision to go in-direct

It has been a year since security player CybSafe decided to become a channel business and reach customers through partners.

The firm, which specialises in the human aspect of cyber security, signed up Cloud Distribution and set about recruiting and working with partners.

At the end of that year the firm has reported real progress building its channel base and has seen the benefits from choosing the indirect model.

"It has absolutely delivered growth. We have increased customers and increased revenue through the channel and I see that picking up because we get visibility of the pipeline through deal registration," said Oz Alashe, CEO and founder of CybSafe.

"We want to be the partner of choice for the channel so that means not just giving them a technology solution but all of the support that goes with that," he added.

The majority of conversations the firm has been holding with the channel is with security partners that are comfortable selling cyber products and software but anyone that is looking to address the human aspect with a scientific approach is a potential target for CybSafe.

"We are increasing the number of customers we have on board that are CybSafe customers that have been through our training and programmes but we know there is still more we can do. We need to reach more partners," said Alashe.

"This next twelve months for us is really exciting and we want to reach as many channel partners as possible to help them understand that there aren't many channel partners, even if they have a trading solution in their portfolio already, that have the solution focusing on the human aspect, bringing together an understanding of data and risk with an understanding of what it takes to change behaviour, and how best to do it," he said.

"We make it easy for the channel to do what it does want to generate revenue by solving problems together. We also make it easy for organisations to do what they need to do, which is focused on those areas, they can measure that they're making a difference rather than spraying and hoping for something to work and only finding out it doesn't later," he added.

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