SonicWall increasing support for MSSPs

The security player has been actively looking to work with more MSSPs and has also been investing in a direct touch team to drive more enterprise business back to partners

SonicWall has seen its decision to invest in the managed security services provider partners deliver results with the firm attracting more interest from that side of the channel.

The security player has released a raft of products in the past 90 days, including some firewalls, its SOC in a box and some wireless technologies, and has been actively reaching out to the MSSP community.

In that respect the vendor is not alone and the majority of the security industry has been looking to add more managed service partners to their channel rosters to ensure technology can be delivered in a way customers are increasing looking to consume it, with monthly subscriptions.

Bill Conner, CEO of SonicWall, said that it had been investing in the MSSP side of things and had also strengthened its direct touch team to drive more enterprise opportunities back to its partners.

“We have put double digit resources now in to support channel partners, new channel partners and direct touch resources,” he said.

He said that with the threats continuing to rise there continued to be plenty of opportunities for its channel partners to go and educate customers about the need for greater protection.

“Around 19% of malware is going through non-standard ports,” he added “Let’s talk about the threat landscape and what is happening. That’s what this is all about, it’s a cyber arms race.”

Michael Berg, executive director of EMEA sales at SonicWall, said that it had been looking to help its existing partners develop their MSSP skills and was using its University to help increase knowledge generally among the channel.

Tens of thousands of courses have been taken by UK partners keen to improve their chances of getting trained up to deal with the latest threats.

‘With MSSP with have been adding additional resource and we have made sure the partner benefits are there for MSSPs. We are seeing a mix of existing and new partners,” he said. 


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