Myths around SD-WAN holding back wider adoption

Cogeco Peer 1 finds that customers are putting off deployment because of some concerns that could be addressed by the channel

One of the main tasks for any reseller of any size has always been to educate the customer about a technology and the possibilities it could improve the way they work for the better.

Those pitching SD-WAN will probably be aware already of the challenges selling the technology to customers often unaware of how the technology works but research from Cogeco Peer 1 will make that issue clear to a much wider audience.

This is the second piece of research from the hosted specialist around SD-WAN, with the first tranche back in February exposing a lack of understanding from users about what the technology actually was.

The firm has found that myths surrounding SD-WAN are holding back deployment with customers worried about security, costs and fear of disruption.

There are also some problems with a lack of skills to implement the technology and a general lack of understanding about SD-WAN.

Ironically when customers were asked what their IT priorities were for the next 12 months - network security, improving cloud performance, improving application performance and network agility - they could all be addressed with the deployment of SD-WAN.

Dave Tracey, EMEA channel sales manager at Cogeco Peer 1, said that there was a danger that the benefits of the technology would be missed because of the myths that were clouding customer minds.

“The technology industry is often seen as at the cutting edge in delivering future benefits and implementing new ideas. However, the myths surrounding SD-WAN are stifling UK business growth and harming their chances of success," he said.

"Vendors and channel partners must work together to prove these myths wrong and educate organisations on the technology’s benefits. It is also clear that SD-WAN packages need to come with consultancy and support to unlock the technology’s potential," he added.

The research found that SD-WAN was seen as a key component of digital transformation projects, making it even more important to dispel the myths that plague the market.

Tom Adams, director of product marketing at Cogeco Peer 1, said efforts had to be made to improve the current situation.

“There are clearly a number of perceived risks around SD-WAN that are preventing UK businesses from realising its benefits. It is time for the technology industry to come together and educate UK businesses about the potential SD-WAN brings. If the industry doesn’t unite, there is a danger that businesses will be left behind and unable to remain competitive," he said.

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