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Veritas lining up channel behind platform vision

The firm is keen to get partners delivering not just data protection but also helping customers with availability and insights

Veritas is hoping its platform approach will help its channel partners sell more products and expand their horizons beyond data protection to other areas.

The firm launched The Enterprise Data Services Platform, which pulls together several products to meet its vision of protecting data as well as making it available and generating insights into the information for customers.

For the firm's channel this launch is being viewed as an opportunity to encourage partners to look beyond just data protection to add more management tools to their armory.

Jamie Farrelly, vp of EMEA channels at Veritas, said that it was talking to and training partners and the vision behind the platform was to help meet customer data issues around dealing with growth and increasing complexity.

"We are making it easier for partners to expand the conversation [with users around data management] because they can now have an understanding of what that data is to issues around moving it and rather than working with multiple vendors we are bringing it all together," he added "We can reduce the total cost of ownership with partners across multiple angles."

Farrelly said that it was being "very deliberate" with its messaging to partners to encourage them to embrace the platform vision and had made training available to support deeper involvement from the channel.

He added that partners were already familiar with the technology and most had already started to make the shift to increase their skills beyond the core data protection offering.

"It is not just data protection but also data management and since we launched certifications for the newer technologies the levels of resellers gaining those certifications has increased by 300% and I am confident that partners are starting to see and understand the core technologies and the need to expand the core approach to include protection, availability and insights," he said.

The Enterprise Data Services Platform

Veritas is looking to deliver a trio of things with this approach:

Protection - using NetBackup 8.2 as the technology backbone

Availability - using InfoScale as the key tech to deliver this ambition

Insights - Information Studio is one of the main tools being used to get visibility of data across the corporate infrastructure

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