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Advanced thanks channel for delivering growth

Changing market conditions have played into the hands of software player Advanced and its partners

Software and services player Advanced is patting its channel on the back after the firm saw indirect revenues rise significantly since the launch of its partner programme.

A year ago the firm launched its TruePartner scheme and it has now reported that revenues from partners have hit in excess of £35m. The channel has also been busy bringing in fresh customers and has added more than 120.

Advanced has identified the emergence of more of Generation Z workers as a factor that is working in the channel's favour because it means that there is more of a chance to break through against some of the established competitors.

“The Cloud has now reached a tipping point, with adoption of Cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) and finance applications experiencing a significant growth period. What’s more, we have seen the Cloud push out older, more traditional technology formats as Generation Z workers enter employment," said Dean McGlone, channel sales director at Advanced.

The firm is forecasting that cloud will become the primary choice for new customers in the next two years with on-prem continuing to decline.

“These workers – who were born after the mid-1990s – have been familiar with the internet and technology since a young age and have had social media available virtually all through their adolescence. As digital natives, they are tipped to be the innovators in the workplace, who have an emotional connection to adopting innovation, a technical first mindset and prepared to challenge the technical status quo. They will expect modern technology, flexible working and a digital environment which employers are already now forced to accommodate. Our channel partners are therefore tapping into this opportunity," he added.

The arrival of Generation Z has long been heralded with most vendors expecting it will lead to changing buying patterns and different approaches to the use of technology. The wish list from Gen Z'ers includes a desire for more flexible working and the chance to feel that they are making a difference to the world.

Back in 2015, Ricoh shared research about the emergence of Generation Z and pointed out that those staffers would be expecting to have an influence over the buying process and the choice of technology deployed in the workplace.  

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