Veeam talks up importance of alliances

The vendor has held a London partner event this week where the focus was partly on getting partners to appreciate the solutions the wider vendor ecosystem could help deliver

Veeam has used a partner event to highlight the efforts it has been making on the alliances front to encourage resellers to lean on the relationships it has established in the industry

The firm has worked with the likes of Cisco, NetApp, HPE and Cisco for a while but it has also been cultivating alliances with the likes of Pure Storage and Quantum to make sure it has the chance to be part of more solutions that partners might want to take to market.

Greg Bailey, head of channel UK & Ireland at Veeam, said that there were lots of potential areas like backup appliances and cloud services they could get involved with.

“What do the partners need? If their business is changing because their customer is changing then we have to recognize that first. It becomes more flexible when you are able to bring that together with those alliance based vendors,” he said.

“If every time we were to do an event if we were just to say ‘here is our latest release’ then there would be the Veeam fans who want to know about it but others will want to know how to change the dynamic of their go-to-market,” he added that by talking about its involvement with partnerships that became clearer to the channel.

“Going forward it would be unwise of us to do channel marketing events that weren’t hand in glove with alliance partners or cloud based partners that give us another dynamic,” he said.

Michael Tso, CEO of Veeam alliance partner Cloudian, said that it had always positioned itself as having the most compatible S3 API and the ecosystem was key to expanding its market reach.

“Ecosystem drives business,” he added “People care about what they can use the technology for and if you can guarantee that it works then this is where everything gets interesting.”

“The power of having a standards based ecosystem is that we can make it work all the way through,” he added.

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