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Security message has got across and users want solutions

Research from Palo Alto indicates that users are largely up to speed on the need to protect data

When it comes to helping users secure their data the emphasis might need to be placed on discussing practical solutions rather than spending too long on the importance of looking after information spiel.

Research from Palo Alto Networks has indicated that most people do understand the need to look after their information and 68% were confident that they are doing all they could to protect themselves from data loss.

Where the respondents did feel more could be done was in gaining more transparency from companies about their cyber security practices and that harder punishments needed to be dished out to cyber criminals.

Respondents also expressed a backing for government resources being put into trying to crack down on cyber security issues, like the National Cyber Security Centre and National Crime Agency.

Dr Jessica Barker, an expert in the human side of cyber security, worked with the vendor on the study and said that the findings revealed that a lot of the education efforts made by the industry and the channel had worked.

"There is a huge appetite from people to know what they can do to make themselves secure. A lot of awareness around complex security has been raised and people are now asking what they can do to protect themselves," she said.

"This is really healthy and we are in a great position and we can start really going and putting [solutions in front of customers] that will be well received," she added.

Although the idea around data security does seem to have registered with people there is an ongoing need for the channel to ensure that firms are up to date with measures to fend off the latest threats.

"Ensuring individuals are acting responsibly with data is the foundation you need to ensure your organisation doesn’t suffer unnecessarily at the hands of cybercriminals. Yet in such a dynamic space, there is always room for further ongoing education, especially for those not yet so well informed. Through consistent employee best practice, we can create a world where each day is safer and more secure than the one before," said Greg Day, VP and EMEA CSO at Palo Alto Networks.

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