Staff churn a challenge for IT recruiters

Curo Talent has been looking into how recruiters are attracting staff and some of their concerns about keeping them

The industry has faced a challenge attracting skilled staff for almost as long as anyone can remember but those trying to recruit employees are showing growing signs of concern over the high levels of turnover.

The battle to land a decent member of staff is ongoing and it appears that those with skills can be enticed away from existing positions, adding to the problems for those trying to fill vacancies.

Research from Curo Talent found that the high profile issues with the skills crisis in the IT world had made it clear to those that had got jobs that they had the chance to pitch for higher salaries, flexibility and other benefits from their employers.

The firm's third annual IT Talent Acquisition; the recruiter’s view research has found that not only has the skills issue not eased but many hiring staff feel it has been exacerbated by Brexit because of the difficulties attracting European nationals.

Keeping staff on board is not always a question of money and many staff would be happier to stay if they were given more interesting work to do.

“Recruiters need to challenge the status quo if they want break the cycle of staff churn,” said Sarah Wighton, client acquisition lead at Curo Talent.

"Matching skill levels to the complexity of the project is the first step in reducing staff churn," she added.

There are also changes in the ways those looking to get staff on-board are sharing their hiring ambitions. Firms are rarely posting adverts in the vacancies wanted columns of business newspapers but are increasingly using LinkedIn as a way to put opportunities in the shop window. Facebook and Twitter are also popular with recruiters trying to reach out to a wide audience.

The Curo research also notes the rising popularity of YouTube as a recruitment tool and it expects video to be used more in the future.

“Our report shows a decline in the use of traditional channels for hiring IT staff. It seems some organisations are prepared to experiment with new recruitment models to attract the right staff," said Wighton.

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