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Fujitsu aims to lower risk for MSPs with uSCALE option

The vendor continues to roll out more offerings to support the service providers in the channel looking for support and flexibility

Fujitsu has reacted to the increasing demand for as-a-service flexibility with an offering that should reduce the risk of exposure to infrastructure costs for managed service providers (MSPs).

The vendor’s uSCALE programme gives service providers options for renting infrastructure, with the motivation to lower the investment risk that a partner would have to traditionally be exposed to. With a number of resellers transitioning to a managed service model, that question of risk is a significant one.

The first model has been designed for a “growth scenario”, with instant access to capacity with a buffer that will meet immediate customer demands. The second comes with an early exit option on a 26-month rental contract, with payments remaining at a similar level each year.

Fujitsu has stepped up its support for MSPs, with it indicating in December that a pilot programme designed to run for several months had proved to be so successful it went live earlier than planned. The firm has also made a commitment to gain 90% of its revenues coming through the channel this year.

Ruediger Frickenschmidt, head of service provider business at Fujitsu EMEIA, said Fujitsu wanted to make it clear to the channel it was “sharing the burden for future infrastructure investment”.

“Our flexible renting model greatly de-risks investments and gives service providers much more agility, for example, in returning equipment prematurely in the event that their business does not grow as anticipated,” he said.

“Alternatively, the cloud-like buffer model allows our partners to add extra installed capacity on a pay-as-you-consume utility basis, which gives them a maximum of flexibility to scale to customer demand,” he said.

“As service providers continue their journey towards new business models and become the service integrators of the future, both options give service providers the infrastructure excellence needed for ultimate peace of mind,” he added.

The uSCALE programme is available in the UK, along with Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Luxemburg, the Netherlands, Portugal and Spain. Fujitsu is planning to add more European countries later this year.

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