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Fujitsu getting closer to 90% channel business target

The vendor has made strides this year to put itself in a position to get 90% of its revenues coming via the channel in 2019

Fujitsu is on track to get 90% of its revenues coming through the channel by next year with the vendor driving significant increases in the indirect business over the past few quarters.

The ambition to get to 90% was made earlier this year and at that stage the firm put around 66% via the channel. Since then that number has risen to 80% and there are efforts to make sure it keeps rising.

Paul Mclean, director channel sales, Fujitsu, said that it would continue to examine accounts that had been direct and release more to the channel.

“We are looking at accounts that we can be destacking in the end user team and looking to work with channel partners,” he said.

As well as making more business available to the channel the firm has also been growing its partner base with the numbers of resellers joining the Select partner programme also climbing over the course of this year.

“Fujitsu continues to see the channel as the key route to market,” added Mclean “The business for this year is nearly 80% through the channel and in 2019 we will get to a 90% indirect business.”

The firm has also been investing in its channel team adding heads to support distribution and MSP segments and there are plans to keep that expansion going into the new year.

Mclean said that Fujitsu also offered some of the high growth technologies that strengthened the channel’s arm, with all-flash storage and tablets a couple of the areas that had seen impressive sales.

“The focus on next year is going to be very much more of the same and we will continue to invest in tools and heads in the channel to continue to make it easier to do business with Fujitsu,” he said.

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