Knowledge and speed the key to a channel chief's first 180 days

A guide to those looking to make an impact at a vendor in the channel management role has some advice about what to do in the first few months

The pressure on a freshly appointed channel chief to make a difference is often overwhelming and can lead to decisions being made that can disrupt relationships with resellers.

One of the areas of technology that has emerged as a support for those leading indirect routes to market is partner relationship management and vendors have been encouraged to use the latest tools to get a better understanding of what is happening right across their channel base.

For those that are just starting out as a channel manager at a new employer there is also some bedtime reading available from The 2112 Group,  The Definitive Guide for New Channel Chiefs: How to Exceed Everyone’s Expectations in 180 Days, which has some advice for the best moves to make in the first few months.

The key attribute that a channel manager needs to have is the ability to understand their new employers operation as well as quickly get to grips with the opportunities that the portfolio can offer partners.

“Expediency is as important as effectiveness for new channel chiefs,” said Alex Hart, senior vice president of strategic services at The 2112 Group.

“To exceed expectations, the new Channel Chief must be willing to act boldly and with urgency while also putting into effect a set of elevated business skills.  This eBook is 100 percent focused on helping them cut cleanly through their first 180 days with best practices updated to address today’s increasing and accelerating business demands," he added.

The six point plan

The ebook contains a guide through the processes that should make life easier for a fresh channel manager

1.    Understanding: Learning the company products, channel programs and partner profiles.
2.    Diagnostics: Identifying strengths, weaknesses, shortcomings and opportunities
3.    Goal-Setting: Defining key objectives for future success, aligned with company goals
4.    Prioritisation: Establishing a cadence and task order
5.    Planning: Establishing the means to achieve the goals
6.    Execution: Putting plans in motion to achieve strategic objectives

The ebook has been sponsored by PRM player Impartner and its CMO Dave Taylor said that it worked with enough vendors to be able to spot patterns that would work across the market.

"Pressure on those leaders is higher than ever before and time and time again, those who gain the most traction, the most quickly, demonstrate the process and business skills 2112 has outlined in this eBook," he said.

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