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Qualys rolls out MSP and consultant support

The security player has an offering that should appeal to MSPs and consultants

Security player Qualys has rolled out an offering that should appeal to managed service providers and consultants and tap into the broader market issues that customers are dealing with in trying to move to more consolidation.

The firm is looking to for its Qualys Consulting Edition to hit the sweet spot with MSPs and consultants with gives the chance to run vulnerability assessments and give users a chance to consolidate some of their security applications.

Philippe Courtot, chairman and CEO, Qualys, said that MSPs and consultants had been asking for the firm to deliver something that could lean on its cloud platform, "allowing them to perform security assessments across on-premises environments, endpoints and clouds from a single platform".

The firm will be delivering the consulting edition by the end of the month and joins a growing list of security providers recognising the need to help users consolidate their sprawling hardware and software estates.

The move also taps into another industry trend with security vendors recognising the need to provide tools and services that MSPs without a deep background in this part of the market can take out to customers.

“While periodically evaluating other vendors in the space, we have found that Qualys' cloud-based solution uniquely provides more flexibility to rapidly assess our clients' evolving infrastructure, regardless of their network configuration,” said Dennis Houseknecht, CTO at Waterloo Security.

“This flexibility has enabled our organisation to scale in servicing a wide variety of clients as their needs grow from a simple one-time assessment to a continuous security program,” he added.

“Infogressive selected Qualys for our Managed Security Services Platform since our evaluation found that there is no other multi-tenant platform enabled with APIs available to achieve the scale and depth of what Qualys can do with the ease of consolidating multiple technologies,” said Justin Kallhoff, CEO, Infogressive.

“This now allows us to cost-effectively broaden our offerings to expand our partnerships with Managed Service Providers,” he added.  

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