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UKFast increases public options with ClearCloud

Firm known for hybrid and private cloud provision steps up efforts in the public space

UKFast has set up an operation focused on taking some of the main public cloud offerings to market to run alongside its own hybrid and private options.

The firm is setting up ClearCloud as a subsidiary taking out public cloud from AWS and Azure as well as its eCloud hybrid and private options.

ClearCloud is being run by former AWS global architect Matt Bibby who is joining as managing director of the subsidiary with a brief to build on the growth that the firm managed to generate with its hybrid and private cloud solutions in the last year.

"Last year we grew at 18% organically and our eCloud revenue has grown to 43% of our overall turnover. By widening our offering to organisations needing multicloud solutions we are able to attract even more businesses to UKFast," said UKFast CEO Lawrence Jones.

“When we hear clients offering their AWS and Azure workloads for us to manage, it’s hard to ignore, especially when they’re struggling," he added.

Jones added that although AWS and Azure were public platforms that had wide distribution its high service levels would set it apart from competitors.

Bibby said that in his past experience it had become clear that not all public cloud providers were the same and support mattered.

“The hyperscale cloud providers depend heavily on technology partners to support the end customer. During my time at AWS I learned how some technology partners are doing things right, but also how many get it terribly wrong and lack the experience necessary to manage complex environments," he said.

He added that his experience running workloads in the private cloud for some of the largest clients would give him a chance to share that insight with the ClearCloud operation.

The subsidiary will be based FastFoward, which is part of the UKFast Campus in Manchester.

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