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Nuvias looks for channel recruits to target council wifi opportunity

The distributor is keen to stir up some interest from councils and channel partners in EU wifi grants before Brexit ends the opportunity

Nuvias is looking to work with a select bunch of resellers to try to take advantage of an EU grant fund before the Brexit process closes the door on the opportunity.

Currently councils can apply to take advantage of a €120m grant fund to help install wifi in towns and cities with the EU providing grants to deliver free wifi. The European body stated: "The vouchers will be distributed on a first-come first-served basis, but to ensure geographical balance each participating member state will get at least 15 vouchers in the first application phase."

But because of uncertainties over Brexit there are fears that councils will not apply and resellers that could have potentially helped deliver the wifi projects will miss out.

Rob Clark, director, technologies & solutions development at Nuvias, said that time was of the essence ad it would be working with the channel to gran the chance to get projects going.

“While the UK remains in the EU, there is still time for local authorities to apply for a €15,000 grant, but they need to do it as soon as possible," he added that they cloud lose the chance to get money if they did not, "This means that resellers too could be missing out on a great opportunity to get into the urban Wi-Fi market.”

"We are looking for a selected group of existing and new resellers to work with us to take advantage of this initiative and deliver Wi-Fi to UK councils," he added.

A lot of the larger cities in the UK have already taken steps to provide wifi for citizens but there are opportunities still out there for smaller and medium sized towns and cities.

Nuvias is specifically looking for resellers that can take out Nokia wifi solutions and is promoting the potential for a chance to go for a sale that could well end up much wider than just wifi.

As things stand the UK will leave the European Union on the morning of 29 March 2019. There have been signs recently that the transition period could potentially be extended but so far that has not been given the thumbs up by the EU.

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