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Brighter steals a march with managedservices,co.uk launch

Brighter Connections has cut the ribbon on a website designed to have a national appeal

The main benefit of selling via the web is that it removes the emphasis a specific geography and provides a wide reach and the chance to compete on the national stage.

Branding though is important and a reseller with a strong local reputation will have to rely on search engines delivering the page clicks they want from further afield.

The alternative is to set up a web presence that clearly states what it stands for and it's that option that Brighter Connections has gone for.

The Huddersfield-based channel player has set up www.managedservices.co.uk, giving customers the chance to buy cloud software services and get advice online.

Darren Stringer, managing director of the Brighter Connections Group, said that it would be offering a jargon-free site that provided pay-as-you-go options for users.

“Two years ago, we acquired an IT services and support business based in the north west with 30 years’ dedicated experience in this area and so it seemed a natural progression to simplify and package up some of these services and make them easy to buy online for customers all over the UK," he said.

"We can help any size of business, but particularly start-ups, micro-businesses and SMEs get their IT quickly up and running in the areas of security & compliance, mobility & collaboration and business optimisation & efficiency," he added.

The site will start by offering Office 365, backup, security, CRM sofware, data analytics and there is advice on key topics like GDPR sold by the hour or the day.

Andy Boylan, cloud services development manager at the firm, said that there was no pressure on customers to commit to long-term contracts.

"We are confident that managedservices.co.uk will become the “go-to website” for many businesses when it comes to buying their IT services," he added.

Later this month, on the 23 May, the first Managed Services Day will take place as the industry does its bit to raise the profile of MSPs and the services that they can offer.

Research out on the day is expected to show the state of the MSP market and the challenges it faces gaining further growth.

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