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Autotask and Datto partners get a look at the future

The combined entity has used an event in London to outline just what it can now provide managed service providers

Managed service providers that have worked with Autotask and Datto got a chance to get a closer look at what the unified operation has in store for them.

The two firms joined forces back in October and used a 'First Look' event in London to update MSP partners about the plans for the future.

Mark Banfield, svp and general manager, international at Autotask, said that the firm had always focused on the core components used by MSPs in their business, the PSA and RMM systems and Datto offered a suite of products that could be revenue generators for partners.

"There really wasn't a huge amount of crossover between the two companies from a technology perspective. What there was a crossover on was that we both focus on managed service providers, hence the opportunity that Vista Equity Partner (owners of both firms) saw the opportunity to bring the two companies together," he said.

"If you believe that MSPs are the way that SMBs will consume their technology then being the biggest vendor to MSPs allowing them to deliver technology to SMB customers is a very strategic opportunity," he added.

From a channel perspective there should be a chance for those that had worked with Autotask to get to know the Datto business continuity products.

"If you can take Datto and Autotask products and cross pollinate them into each others bases then that's quite an interesting opportunity," said Banfield.

"We want to provide the best suite of tools to MSPs and if we do then we will win their business based on merit and quality," he added.

Datto finds itself in a strong position offering business continuity and disaster recovery because of the growth of ransomware.

"Ransomware is a catastrophic thing for a small business. A ransomware attack can cost a lot of money to retrieve the data but it can also destabalise the business," he said.

The First Look event included a specific session looking at ransomware and the steps MSPs could take to protect customers.

It comes at a time when other data players are warning that 2018 could be one of the worst years for cyber attacks and data breaches.

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