IBM encouraging partners to change models and tech portfolios

Big Blue is stepping up its support for partners that are looking to get involved with emerging technologies

IBM has unveiled a series of initiatives to help encourage and support partners that are looking to move away from a traditional reseller model into managed services.

Big Blue has been preparing the ground, talking of the need to change its partner support models, for the past couple of months and has provided more details of a series of initiatives that will be launched on 10 April. The aim is to help partners change their business models and get rewarded for getting involved with emerging technologies.

John Teltsch, general manager, global business partners, IBM, outlined the vendor's four pronged approach in a blog post.

"In the IBM ecosystem, many core partners that have a long history with IBM are transforming into next-generation partners," he wrote "In order to accelerate our next-generation partners across the IBM ecosystem, today we are announcing four new initiatives that will make it easier, faster and more rewarding for Business Partners to combine their industry expertise with IBM technologies."

Those initiatives are to make it easier for partners to transform their business with a consolidation of competencies to help resellers get to higher levels in the programme quicker. There are also incentives to encourage the adoption of more IBM tech with bundles, expanded SaaS trials, sandboxes and IBM Cloud credits.

"Once partners are ready to take their embedded solutions to market, they can list them on the IBM Marketplace and extend their reach to new clients globally," stated Teltsch.

IBM is also hoping that by getting involved with third-party cloud marketplaces it will give its channel more of an opportunity to extend their reach through fresh routes to market.

There is also a digital self-service platform that gives access to technologies and is supported by promotional offers around cloud, AI and data.

The firm is also hoping more partners will take part in the Watson Build challenge and develop their own AI skills in doing so.

 "As part of IBM’s increased commitment to its partners’ growth, IBM will launch a restructured engagement model designed to improve the end-to-end partner experience and reward partners for shifting to higher value solutions that are aligned to strategic growth areas like AI, cloud, security and as a service offerings," said Teltsch.

"In the new model, partners have an opportunity to experience greater profitability by contributing value through intellectual property, focusing on new clients and building new solutions," he added.

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