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December 2021

Circle of distrust: the security challenge for managed service providers

It can be tough being a managed services partner (MSP). I don’t see how anyone reading the following figure from a survey of 400 MSPs around the world can think anything else: 96% are concerned their organisation could suffer a cyber security breach through which their clients’ IT systems could be compromised in the next 12 months. To put it another way, only 4% aren’t concerned. When you consider we’re talking about cyber security, that’s a very worrying figure. It’s taken from MSPs speak: cyber security and the future role of the MSP, a survey conducted by VansonBourne for Acronis, which also highlighted a lack of trust between clients and MSPs, and between MSPs and vendors. According to the survey, 49% of MSPs believe their clients did not completely trust the security of the services they provided, and 53% of MSPs did not completely trust the vendors they used to provide cyber security services. Forget the circle of trust, this is more like the supply chain of distrust. It’s worth pointing out that with MSPs using an average...

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