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December 2021

What’s driving the data storage market?

Just because you ask a simple question, doesn’t mean you’ll get a simple answer that everyone can agree on. Not completely, anyway. Ask a bunch of vendors to identify the biggest drivers in the data storage market and you’ll get replies that have some things in common and others that might have more to do with their own products and strategies than the market overall. To begin with, of the areas that nearly everyone agrees are having (or will have) a strong effect on the storage market, one of the most prominent is cloud. Denise Bryant, UK channel director at NetApp, describes the migration of enterprise production workloads to the hybrid cloud as the biggest factor now and over the next five years. As supporting evidence, she cites the IDC Global StorageSphere 2021-2025 forecast, which predicts that 55% of data created will be stored in the cloud and 65% of enterprises will be using cloud storage by 2025. Matthieu Brignone, Europe, Middle East and Africa (EMEA) vice-president for partners at Pure Storage, says the data storage ...

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