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March 2023

Looking to make your business more sustainable?

Not only is sustainability rising up the priority list of boards and C-suites, it’s also rapidly becoming an essential factor for businesses and consumers alike. Ultimately, how green an organisation is perceived to be can have a significant impact on customers’ decisions to purchase from them. As such, IT leaders are under a lot of pressure to improve their IT procurement strategy with a sprinkling of sustainability if they are to appease people, planet and profit. To help in this endeavour, there are several simple steps businesses can take to quickly and easily become more sustainable. Get serious about sustainability: set net-zero goals To know where you want your green journey to go, you need to outline a clear roadmap for how you plan to get there. Being a business led by sustainability will not only benefit the environment, it will make you more appealing to like-minded customers and will solidify your reputation as a conscientious provider that people will want to do business with. By challenging yourself to think ...

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