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February 2018

Goldilocks IT: Pitching it just right

At CA World 2017 in October, CTO Otto Berkes warned many businesses were prone to fall into the trap of going too far too fast with new IT products and services or going too slow. “They either take a leap of faith and tackle something that nobody even needs yet, or they build something for today that becomes almost immediately obsolete, or is simply an attempt to catch up to the competition,” he stated. Berkes suggested companies should start with what they know and believe will happen, “and iterate quickly. Making this fundamental change is hard for everybody, but we can make it easier for ourselves”. So how do organisations ensure their IT efforts are not too fast or too slow but just right? In other words, how do they achieve Goldilocks IT? And what role can channel partners play in helping customers to manage the future development and implementation of IT products and services? How can they help their customers make it easier for themselves? One way is “to focus on the rate of improvement versus speed”, argues Todd Palmer, ...

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