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February 2018

Four tips for successful digital transformation

Digital transformation has troubled businesses large and small for many years. At its heart it is the reinvention of business operations to draw maximum benefit from digital technology. This usually isn’t a straightforward process and no two digital transformation projects will be exactly alike. It is therefore crucial to avoid thinking too rigidly about transformation. For example, you could argue Tesla’s decision to release its electric vehicle patents for free was a progressive example of industry-wide digital transformation. This helped the company make its technology the industry standard, as well as benefit from an accelerated electric vehicle industry. Ricoh research has identified almost universal agreement on the importance of digitisation. Around 95% of mid-sized businesses (50-500 employees) across the UK, France, Germany, Italy and Spain expect digitisation to provide business advantages. It is therefore a given that all businesses will need to adapt. European employees are aware of the value of digitisation. We ...

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