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November 2021

XaaS: Always at your service

Has everything as a service (XaaS) reached the tipping point? There are signs that it is heading in that direction. HPE’s second-quarter results revealed an annualised run rate (ARR) of $678m, representing slightly more than 10% of its overall revenue. HPE president and CEO Antonio Neri has placed a strong emphasis on XaaS, stating that the vendor is “accelerating our pivot to as-a-service”. Other vendors are busy moving to the XaaS model, including the likes of Dell Technologies, Pure Storage and Cisco. A number of distributors have also taken the plunge with XaaS, including Nuvias and Exclusive Networks. The XaaS phenomenon and the opportunities it opens up for the channel are discussed in a report from the Global Technology Distribution Council (GTDC), The XaaS revolution: distribution’s pivot to the future. The report highlights the ability for businesses to better support remote workforces, quickly deploy new technologies and make instant updates as significant factors driving XaaS adoption. “The potential is limitless,” ...

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