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November 2021

The endurance of the channel: Who are you calling doomed?

Has there ever been a time when the channel wasn’t deemed to be doomed? If so, I can’t remember when it was. People have been forecasting the channel’s imminent demise pretty much in all the time I’ve been writing about it. To give you an indication of how long ago that was, half of the world’s population today hadn’t even been born back then – I suppose that means those doomsday prophecies will still sound new to a lot of people. As someone who has written about the channel for such a long time, I’ve always believed in its resilience and ability to transform or adapt to nearly any situation. In any case, it’s always been hard to see the reasoning for why it should cease to exist. Manufacturers simply aren’t capable of dealing direct with all their prospective customers. Why would they want to? It’s just too much hassle and takes far too much away from their core focus. Even when the cloud started to emerge and that was predicted to kill the channel stone dead, there were reasons for thinking otherwise. Just as it was with ...

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