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December 2013

Datacentres have gone power crazy

If there is one technology area where the British might possibly have a lead over the Americans, it is in saving power. Mind you, they never let us have a lead for long. That’s why their IT industry is so much more powerful than ours - they adapt so much quicker. So for now, savour this moment in history: there is probably more expertise in the UK on how to save energy in datacentres and it might be a good time to seize the moment and exploit the market opportunity. But let’s have a cup of tea first, while we consider our options. There’s a whole range of UK start-ups who have invented new ways to save energy in the fossil fuel guzzling, carbon belching datacentre sector. In the US, $7.4bn is spent on cooling datacentres annually. UK vendors like Iceotope aim to cut these costs by integrating the processors and the cooling systems more efficiently. It does this by providing massive processing power, memory and storage in an integrated computing system cooled with liquid, which saves energy and lowers costs.  For example, ...

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