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June 2022

Striving for gender equality in the technology industry

Despite the rise in female talent within the science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) sector in recent years, there’s still a considerable way to go before we see equality in the tech industry. The current wave of female tech experts has hopes of reaching a more equal gender balance. Although 74% of girls demonstrate an interest in STEM careers, this isn’t reflected in employment statistics. According to STEM Graduates, just 13% of the overall STEM workforce is made up of women, leading to a low number of female role models in the industry. There are many barriers that need to be overcome, including challenging stereotypes and providing more opportunities for women. Unfortunately, tech giants are not leading by example when it comes to gender equality among their employees. According to Tech Jury, over 75% of Facebook’s global tech-related jobs are occupied by men, with Google and Apple following suit, and only 23% of women making up these workforces. Those women who are employed in the tech industry still face ...

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