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June 2022

The importance of face-to-face meetings

In a recent survey by Nuvias, just over one-fifth (22%) of channel partners admitted that the inability to see customers and colleagues in person was a source of frustration. Is that figure higher or lower than expected? It probably depends on who you ask, although it should be noted that as many as 70% found remote working beneficial, either for productivity (40%) or strategic thinking (30%). Personally, my feeling is that 22% is lower than most people would have expected. Face-to-face meetings with customers and vendors have often been considered one of the virtues for many channel partners in their capacity as trusted advisers. So just how important are face-to-face meetings for partners in the post-Covid world? We all saw how the lockdown(s) prompted organisations to adopt new ways of working and communicating to replace in-person meetings and office working. Those methods have now become part of the fabric of how they operate on a daily basis. This raises the question of whether there is any prospect of a return to the way ...

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