• December 08, 2008 08 Dec'08

    Axe to fall on marketing jobs

    How important is marketing to businesses that want to survive and prosper in what could be an increasingly gloomy 2009? The message coming from IT companies is mixed at best, according to the latest Marketing Trends Survey from The Chartered ...  Continue Reading

  • December 08, 2008 08 Dec'08

    Proposed RoHS changes could cause admin chaos

    Indications are emerging that changes to the European Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directive that place responsibility for ensuring IT equipment meets compliance standards on resellers and distributors could cause administrative chaos.  Continue Reading

  • December 08, 2008 08 Dec'08

    Flexible enclosure keeps servers cool

    Server enclosures have changed in the past couple of years, driven not just by the demand for products with greater accessibility but also by a requirement for increased flexibility, as users gain the confidence to open up their server and upgrade ...  Continue Reading

  • December 08, 2008 08 Dec'08

    SSD – the real winner against HDD?

    The solid-state drive (SSD) has big shoes to fill. Its reputation as the technology frontrunner set to replace hard disk drives (HDD) means it faces a public downfall if its promises are not delivered. They can, and will, be compared against each ...  Continue Reading

  • December 05, 2008 05 Dec'08

    RoHS directive changes will impact resellers

    Draft changes to the Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) directives published this week by the European Commission will put added responsibility on the reseller community to ensure that the kit they sell is compliant.  Continue Reading

  • December 04, 2008 04 Dec'08

    eBuyer has credit limits halved

    eBuyer has downplayed the impact that a reduction in credit insurance will have on its business after both Euler Hermes and Atradius slashed limits on the company by 50% following the disclosure of its preliminary results to them.  Continue Reading

  • December 04, 2008 04 Dec'08

    No job cuts at Cisco, vows Chambers

    Speaking at a Credit Suisse Technology conference in the States, Cisco CEO John Chambers has said that in spite of an ongoing hiring freeze there will be no job cuts at Cisco for the foreseeable future.  Continue Reading

  • December 03, 2008 03 Dec'08

    Microsoft LAR changes due in January

    Microsoft has halved the number of hoops that LARs must jump through to hit rebates targets under changes that will see partners earn less on volume licensing deals particularly in the public sector but more from higher value apps.  Continue Reading

  • December 03, 2008 03 Dec'08

    Atradius calls for more transparency

    Resellers have been advised to put their suspicions to one side when a credit insurer comes knocking for fresh financial information or management data according to Atradius, one of the big three underwriters in the UK channel.  Continue Reading

  • December 03, 2008 03 Dec'08

    HDS helps dealers justify storage spend

    Hitachi Data Systems (HDS) has given resellers access to its in-house Storage Economics analytical methodology in the hope of easing the sales process and enabling end-user IT managers and CIOs to justify spending during the recession.  Continue Reading