• January 12, 2009 12 Jan'09

    Growth opportunities in digital imaging

    In the current financial climate many resellers are looking for ways to move into new markets and generate revenues and customers outside their traditional base. Digital imaging has been one of the few consistent growth areas over the past few years...  Continue Reading

  • January 12, 2009 12 Jan'09

    Audio-visual market remaining optimistic

    Whisper it, but the audio-visual market seems a safe place to be. Compared with other technology markets dependent on tightening corporate budgets, the AV market, with its traditional roots in education and the public sector, looks like a relatively...  Continue Reading

  • January 12, 2009 12 Jan'09

    Networking: what does 2009 hold?

    The networking world finds itself in the position of being at the bleeding edge of an industry that prides itself on cutting through to the next way to speed up life and business processes.  Continue Reading