• On the job...training that is.

    A survey just published by the Institute for Work Based Learning at Middlesex University has found that almost three quarters of UK workers think that they could achieve so much more if only they were given more on the job training.  Continue Reading

  • Every Dog has his day as Vincent's Apprentice run is cut short

    So its farewell then, Vincent Disneur, given the heave-ho by Lord Alan Sugar on the Apprentice on Wednesday after a fatal boardroom miss judgment and a double firing.  Continue Reading

  • Contractual notice

    A recent case - Dr T Wang v University of Keele - resulted in a judgment that means employers can give contractual notice to an employee - whether orally, in writing or electronically - knowing that the notice period will start the day after the ...  Continue Reading

  • Why are Oracle EMEA server sales lagging worldwide figures?

    By the looks of it, Oracle needs to take some lessons in how to sell hardware in Europe. While revenue for the overall EMEA server market in the first quarter of 2011 grew 10.8%, the software giant failed to match the trend.  Continue Reading

  • Fit for work

    Recently issued statistics from the Government covering those applying for Employment and Support Allowance indicates that 75 per cent of applicants in the first quarter of 2011 are either found fit for work or stop their claims before a medical ...  Continue Reading

  • A date with HMRC

    To help businesses plan ahead in their tax and reporting obligations, HMRC has now made available their tax deadline calendar for 2011/12. A simple idea, it will help businesses establish when their key tax deadlines are, including the variable ...  Continue Reading

  • Employment red tape to be untied?

    The Government has announced that it is to consider how it will reform other areas of employment law, including collective redundancy periods, TUPE (transfer of undertakings) legislation as well as compensation for discrimination.  Continue Reading

  • Windows 8 next year? Probably

    Hold the phone. Microsoft has jumped in quickly to downplay comments by CEO Steve Ballmer that Windows 8 will be released next year. Should we surprise? No. Does this mean it won't be released next year? No.  Continue Reading

  • Cisco sued over Chinese Falun Gong crackdown

    In a move that could have serious consequences for network suppliers, Cisco is being sued by the Human Rights Law Foundation on behalf of Falun Gong, a Chinese spiritual movement banned by Beijing.  Continue Reading