• High street health check

    The high street is suffering - we all know that. The causes are many - the state of the economy, lookalike towns, traffic congestion, parking and of course, the growth of the web. But what to do?  Continue Reading

  • Stressing times

    Today is Stress Awareness Day. But you're probably too busy - and stressed - to notice. As you'd expect, a survey to show how stressed we are has been conducted and you won't be surprised at the results.  Continue Reading

  • Ofcom's sanctions don't go far enough

    Ofcom has rapped ISPs TalkTalk and Tiscali UK on the knuckles after they continued to bill end-users for cancelled services.  Continue Reading

  • Lord Sugar's Twitter meltdown

    The pressure of fame is clearly getting to Lord Sugar who was this week replaced as business tsar by former Tory Cabinet Minister Lord Young.  Continue Reading

  • Don't do evil

    Many take for granted that they will get a decent reference from their previous employer. They also take for granted that the reference will be accurate and fair. But these two statements have not always borne true.  Continue Reading