• Here comes Pinocchio

    According to a recent survey of over 1200 people by recruitment website HireScores, many lie in interviews to get the job. Whilst there are harmless white lies and dirty deceitful black lies, which are the most common?  Continue Reading

  • What's behind Computacenter's share bounce?

    Could an Indian outsourcer be among the predators stalking Europe's largest reseller Computacenter? Probably not, but this is the talk among investors and brokers who have noted sweeping movements in CC's share price.  Continue Reading

  • Micro-P tipped for Cisco SMB move

    Word on the street is that Cisco is about to expand its distribution channel with sources expecting Micro P to take on the SME and consumer product range. The distributor ran a training weekend that started on 23 October with a number of vendors ...  Continue Reading

  • Ingram Micro prepares for cloud assault

    Ingram Micro has started to make preparations for a push into cloud computing with a number of senior appointments on both sides of the Atlantic. Last month, the broadliner appointed Renee Bergeron as VP managed services and cloud computing to head ...  Continue Reading

  • Carousel fraud has not gone away

    It's just been reported that HMRC have seen carousel fraud, otherwise properly known as Missing Trader Intra-Community fraud, appear in the wholesale gas and power markets.  Continue Reading

  • No network noise on the Underground

    Look at the people in this photo. Look closely. They're passing the time in contemplation, lost in thought. Maybe winding down or grabbing a few minutes of blessed peace before their working day begins.  Continue Reading

  • Europe's latest idea

    The Eurocrats are at it again. Not only is British business doing its best to stay afloat in the current economic climate, but it's now having to fight a rearguard action to prevent last week's Spending Review doing any extra damage.  Continue Reading

  • Agency Workers Rule

    Once there was a distinction between full time employees, those employed part time and workers hired in from agencies. Over the last 15 years part and full time workers have gained significant parity and from 1 October 2011, agency workers will do ...  Continue Reading

  • A breath of fresh (healthy) air

    Health and safety law is grim. It's a trap waiting to spring on unsuspecting businesses because case law states that following an incident the organisation involved is effectively guilty until proven innocent.  Continue Reading

  • No privilege for you

    There's a well known principle in law called 'legal professional privilege'. In essence, it means that anyone can consult a lawyer to seek "skilled advice" on a given legal matter without the detail behind those consultations ever being disclosed.  Continue Reading

  • Can't pay - must pay

    Late payment of debt is the bane of every business. The European Union is proposing to update its Late Payments Directive that was passed in 2000 with new stiffer penalties for those that insist on delaying payment.  Continue Reading