• Guiding Light

    Of the UKs 2.6 million registered companies, most are unlisted or unquoted on any of the tradable equity markets. Of this number, the vast majority are under the ownership or control of the original family or are start-ups.  Continue Reading

  • Data Protection Rules OK?

    The UK's data protection legislation is not new; however, the Information Commissioner's power to levy fines for serious breaches of the eight data protection principles are a recent addition to the armoury.  Continue Reading

  • Tax regime blocks progress in broadband Britain

    Here's Tony Ballard, the digital law specialist at Harbottle & Lewis, telling it like it is A distorting tax regime will block competing operators and hand BT a monopoly on optical fibre, Tony Ballard, a digital media specialist at law firm ...  Continue Reading

  • Have you heard the one about the GPS tracked sharks?

    Technology gets everywhere and the reliance some people have on it is now almost total. But there are times when even IT cannot be blamed. Take the shark attacks in Egypt that are ruining things for tourists and keeping the authorities around Sharm ...  Continue Reading

  • Seconds out for Lord Sugar vs Ian Livingston!

    A developing story this morning from the world of Twitter, where UK IT cheerleader and avid cyclist Lord Sugar is, like many others, struggling to come to terms with the world of BT customer services. "Big problem at home with BT Internet," tweeted ...  Continue Reading