Nuxeo aims to help companies with problems of subject access review and digital transformation

Subject access reviews cost money and Nick Booth finds someone that not only understands how to save customers a few pennies but also how to help the channel make some

Did you know that every subject access request (SAR) that a company responds to costs them around €4,500?

If any organisation winds the public up enough, they could find themselves subject to a mass of requests to declare everything they know about the public and they’ll only have 30 days to comply. 

Given the current mood of our increasingly polarised nations, where everyone everyone has been goaded into a constant state of high dudgeon, it can’t be long before activists start using SARs to hurt companies.

Imagine if everyone took out their disappointment over Amazon’s tax contribution by filing a SAR. (I’m tempted myself). That would be incredibly painful. Though I imagine Amazon would be one the better organised companies. Especially when it comes to lobbying ministers. Most companies only get around 60 SARs a year at the moment.

Still, the SAR is an incredibly dangerous manoeuvre if knowledge of it falls into certain hands.

This is one problem that Nuxeo aims to solve for the Fortune FarTooMuch companies. According to analysts at Gartner Nuxeo is the leader in a new genre of  Content Services Platform makers,  which help companies make sense of the lakes, silos and secret shameful hoards of data that are held across big companies.

A lot of data is false tagged, because people get tag fever in the early days of any database’s creation. It’s like parents photographing everything that their first child does. By contrast, by the time they’ve had a few more database children, they can’t be bothered with the tags, even if the information stored describes a cure for cancer.

So the good stuff sinks to the bottom of the data lake and the dross floats to the top.

It’s exactly these type of inconsistencies that should be eliminated by Nuxeo’s artificial intelligence-led audits of what’s out there. “Our solution sits on the cloud but can connect to all the various systems in an enterprise, get access to the data, then categorise it,” says David Jones, Nuxeo’s VP of product marketing.

There are three types of channel partner Nuxeo will work with. The top two tiers comprise technical partners like Docusign and the massive systems integrators like Accenture and CapGemini.

However the third tier is open for business for Microscope readers. Nuxeo is looking for ‘solution partners’ with specific domain knowledge of vertical markets, like banking or insurance. You can sell that inside knowledge to help Nuxeo devise its data hunts and tag its captures.

Everyone is talking about digital transformation, but none can make the big change until they have rationalised what they already have, says Jones. Which is where Nuxeo and its channel partners come in.

Digital transformation is going to be next year’s Millennium Bug. Nobody really understands it but they’re going to panic anyway and the channel will make a killing.

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