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Crayon bolsters education pitch with Kahoot partnership

Channel player will have more to talk about with schools and universities after getting involved with learning and engagement specialist

IT services player Crayon has bolstered its educational pitch through a reseller partnership with learning player Kahoot.

Crayon will be able to pitch learning and engagement platform tools from Kahoot to a school and university customer base.

There has been an increasing recognition that technology plays a pivotal role in any ambitions by educational providers to deliver student-centric learning.

Speaking to MicroScope recently, Jason Tomlinson, managing director of RM Technology, said that those in the channel able to offer educational expertise were increasingly being looked to as suppliers of content as well as hardware and software tools.

Crayon understands the need to be a trusted education supplier, and is an established player in the market, selling into more than 400 customers globally, but it’s hoping the exclusive tie-up with Kahoot will drive that business forward.

The relationship will enable Crayon to use Kahoot’s systems to help education providers audit and navigate their various systems and remain on the right side of compliance regulations. There should also be opportunities for the channel player to support existing users of the system with advice on areas where they could optimise systems and get the most from their subscriptions.

“Every day, we see the challenges that universities and corporations face when trying to make learning more accessible and engaging,” said Michael Jacobs, Crayon’s executive vice-president of Nordics. “The synergy of our core values and industry expertise will help educational institutions and corporations empower people to meet their true potential. Together, Crayon and Kahoot can help make learning more accessible and fun.”

Learning and engagement tools

Kahoot has been around for a decade, growing from a quiz tool to a platform that provides learning and engagement tools to around 10 billion global users.

“We see this collaboration as a pivotal step in expanding our reach and impact in the educational sector,” said Kahoot CEO Eilert Hanoa. “Joining forces with Crayon’s technological expertise and established academic network will help us to significantly enhance the learning experience for educators and students alike.”

The firms shared a user example in the form of Ole Bjarne Mogård, senior advisor for learning and technology at the Norwegian University of Science and Technology, who said Kahoot’s platform enabled staff to develop high-quality learning materials that met the needs of their students.

“The gamified learning experience allows the students to actively participate and engage with the content as we meet them on a platform they already feel native to and enjoy, so it’s a win-win,” he said.

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