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Purechannels sets out to improve vendor and partners comms

Marketing player Purechannels launches platform designed to give a more customised experience for partners

Marketing specialist Purechannels has rolled out a fresh approach to enable vendors to communicate more effectively with their partners.

The firm has cut the ribbon on its Viewpoint platform to give vendors an opportunity to deliver more tailored comms to partners, with the aim of refining the experience for the channel as well as improving results.

One of the criticisms of vendor marketing programmes is that it often follows a “one-size-fits-all” approach, sometimes with local issues because it’s been pushed out globally, which leads to frustration and to campaigns missing the mark.

Purechannel’s attempt to reduce those problems is through a platform that gives partners choices on the comms they receive to make sure they get the information they require in real-time. Partners can also choose when they want to access the material, which should provide more flexibility and an improved experience.

Viewpoint has traditional newsletters as its main target, with it providing vendors the chance to share the same content and for partners to be notified when that is shared. The difference comes around the ability to choose if that comes via email, text or on the desktop with the option to share on Slack channels.

Glenn Robertson, CEO of Purechannels, said that the market needed to be shaken up and that partner experience was an important factor: “For years now, partner comms have been the same – rushing around at the end of the month to cram together a newsletter full of ‘news’ that is sent out to everyone. When the world of communication has changed so much, why hasn’t the way vendors communicate with their partners?

“We are going beyond newsletters and the one-directional push of vendor content. Viewpoint embraces partner choice, enabling them to consume the content they want, when and how they want to. It replaces the single dimension of vendor-push and celebrates the multi-choice model of the partner-pull,” he added.

Robertson said that the channel had evolved over the past few years, spurring the firm into examining what was available and what could be offered as an alternative so it could improve vendor and partners comms.

“We believe that the way vendors and distributors communicate with their partners needs to move on, because the way we consume information has moved on,” he added.

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