Centerprise cuts the ribbon on CiCloud

Channel player collaborates with HPE and CloudSigma to provide a cloud platform that should tempt customers looking for a hybrid solution

Channel player Centerprise has cut the ribbon on a its CiCloud platform, which has been built leaning on technology from HPE and CloudSigma.

CiCloud is based on HPE GreenLake technology combined with infrastructure-as-a-service (IaaS) specialist CloudSigma’s expertise to offer hybrid, private or public cloud options to customers. Ark Data Centres are being used to physically house the information.

The sales pitch for CiCloud involves focusing on simplicity, with workloads being moved to the platform without too much hassle, as well as the promise of the option to scale up or down quickly and the option of a pay-as-you-use model.

The timing is connected with the ongoing shift by customers towards the cloud, with many having accepted that it is a way to consumer technology and services that they are increasingly comfortable with.

Centerprise has shared figures in the past that have indicated that there is more hunger for the hybrid cloud and many SMEs are feeling happier about levels of security around the cloud.

The channel player also hopes that beyond the technology from HPE, it will have an edge thanks to the collaboration with CloudSigma, which can use the firm’s managed cloud-as-a-service option as a way of reaching out to customers looking for flexibility.

“This is an exciting development for Centerprise and an equally exciting proposition for our customers,” said Jeremy Nash, CEO at Centerprise International. “We are motivated by the prospect of being able to remove the complexity associated with cloud computing.”

The firm has also highlighted its track record in supporting organisations such as the Ministry of Defence and other public sector organisations as a solid reference point for its own capabilities and the data sovereignty it can assure will be delivered through its Ark Data Centre location.

“I am personally energised by this innovation, which has been made possible through embracing HPE GreenLake and CloudSigma’s cloud-as-a-service,” said Nash. “I anticipate CiCloud becoming the catalyst and enabler for change.”

Marc Waters, senior vice-president and managing director UKIMESA at HPE, said his company had established GreenLake as an option for those looking for an edge-to-cloud platform and CiCloud would be able to use that backbone.

“CiCloud provides a secure UK cloud capability built on open standards that allows organisations to deploy digital services quickly,” he added. “This is another example of our growing UK service provider ecosystem offering a compelling ‘cloud-first’ solution, with data sovereignty assured.”

Robert Jenkins, co-founder and CEO of CloudSigma, said its platform provided quality, low upfront costs and risks “for IT service providers who want to stand out among the hyperscalers”.

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