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Kaseya pledges support for MSPs hit by ransomware attack

MSP specialist sets asides millions to help those affected by the ransomware attack that hit the firm five days ago

Kaseya is providing financial assistance to those managed service providers (MSPs) that have been affected by the ransomware attack that struck the firm last weekend.

Kaseya CEO Fred Voccola issued a video update to apologise and outline the efforts the firm has made to get back to normal and restore its systems following the REvil ransomware attack on Friday 2 July.

It plans to get its VSA servers, which were targeted by the Russian criminals, back online on Sunday 11 July. The restoration timescale has been extended to give the team time to put additional security layers in place to ensure the product is robust.

Another measure the firm is taking is to provide assistance for MSPs that have been victims of the attack.

“We will be providing direct financial assistance to MSPs who have been crippled by the REvil and the new adversary. We will also be spending millions of dollars working with third-party consulting companies, our own professional services team providing licence, delayed payments and other means to address every one of you who have been down for the past several days,” he said.

“Throwing money at problems does not always solve them, but it is better than not throwing money at them,” he added. “We’re doing what we can. I assure you, no one at Kaseya wanted this to happen. None of you wanted this to happen.

“We love our customers. It pisses me off when we things to hurt them, especially when it is something like this, where we’ve fall victim to criminal acts that are impacting our businesses,” he said.

During the worst of the pandemic last year, the firm launched Kaseya Cares to provide financial aid to MSPs, and Voccola said this would be a continuation of those efforts.

“We provided direct financial assistance to thousands of MSPs in early 2020, from March until about May or June, when many of us didn’t know how bad the pandemic would hit small to mid-sized businesses and the MSPs that served them,” said Voccola.

“We are doing the same thing again four our customers – Kaseya Cares 2021 – and it is going to be close to the model and the programmes we did in 2020,” he added.

Voccola ended his video message, which was posted last night, with a pledge to continue to improve the security of its products and a promise that its systems would be back online in a couple of days.

“We’ll be back and our product will be up in a couple of days – and it will be exponentially more secure than it was and we will continue to invest the time and the people to make sure our customer are successful,” he said.

“I recognise that this sucks and we take this very seriously,” he added. “The favourite part of my job is that I get to work with small business owners and small IT shop owners, because what we do with them and for them really matters…the fact we had to take down VSA is very disappointing to me and I feel I let that community down.”

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