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Mitel: Users want cloud comms and are looking for channel help

Research from the comms player has uncovered not only a strong interest from UK firms in cloud-based UC but also a desire to work with experienced partners

Customers have identified the cloud as way to improve their communications but are looking for a qualified partner to help guide them through the process.

European-wide research from Mitel has revealed that three quarters of UK firms are adopting cloud communications to gain features not available with their traditional technology.

Unified comms is seen by many as a way to get more voice and video features along with presence and secure messaging. When quizzed 88% of UK firms said that they viewed the benefits of unified comms as essential. Many were also looking for further features, including video conferencing.

But there are concerns from customers that migration costs will cripple the positive ROI arguments and quality of service improvements might not match those that they were looking for.

The obvious answer is to work with a channel specialist with a unified comms and cloud background that can take the user through the process and ensure that not only is the migration smoother but the benefits are also realised.

Mitel's research found that 71% of UK businesses said that they wanted to work with experienced advisors.

"European countries are at different stages of maturity but the common point is that businesses already have a clear idea of which cloud model – UCaaS, hybrid or private cloud - will work for them based on their business needs," Jeremy Butt, senior vice president, International for Mitel.

"The important thing is to give them a cost-effective and low-risk migration roadmap as well as the opportunity to choose between public or private cloud," he added.

Mitel is not alone in identifying the prospects for unfied comms and Maintel recently launched a unified comms as a service, ICON Now, to tap into the growing demand from customers.

“Business is changing – organisations need their people to be productive and available wherever they are, whatever device they are on, whatever network they are using. They also want to get value from the IT spend quickly and see immediate return on investment. With ICON Now, we put the tools previously the preserve of large enterprise in the hands of small and mid-sized businesses and they can start to get value from day one," said Maintel’s CTO Rufus Grig.

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