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Veeam cranking up public sector focus

One of the areas the vendor is looking to put the time in is around helping partners sell into the public sector

The channel knows only too well that one size does not fit all and it is particularly true when it comes to selling into the public sector.

The rules of the game in that vertical are different with the requirements and demands of customers making it hard to stick with a generalised enterprise approach.

Recognising that situation Veeam is going to be working on making sure it can provide resellers with specific support to drum up more public sector revenue.

Greg Bailey, director channel and cloud at Veeam, said that the public sector was one of the areas it was working on as it approached Q4.

"We are working on some programmes about next generation partners and moving those up the stack and working with the right partners, and that includes in the public sector," he said.

"In the public sector there is often not a demarcation between public and private sector but we have noticed that they purchase differently," he added "They purchase with a different methodology and framework so it is about being aware of that."

Along with the push in the public sector Bailey said that it was keen to identify the next generation of top partners that would be able to sell across its customer base.

"Some of the relationships with partners we had at the start of the year were good but now they are great and it's about working out where the next level is coming from," he said.

"We have done really well with the top partners but where are the next wave coming from," he added "We need to help generate that next generation of partners."

"We are not going to rush it. I think building a foundation for a long-term healthy business is the way we would like to do it," he said.

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