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CompTIA moves to plug cyber security skills gap

The training specialist has been given government funding to help get more people trained up in cyber security

CompTIA has started its Cyber Ready retraining programme aimed at increasing the skills of those that might have traditionally slipped through the cracks.

Parents, carers, graduates are among the targets for the scheme designed to increase the level of people in the UK that have the ability to protect data.

As well as helping protect UK Plc the personal incentive is the median salary in cyber security is £57k and the industry is growing and evolving quickly.

CompTIA has launched the scheme thanks to the funding it has been given by the government's Cyber Skills Immediate Impact Fund (CSIIF).

The Cyber Ready programme lasts six months and will prepare people for a job in cyber security. It will start with an initial 30 candidates that will gain CompTIA certifications  Security+ and Cybersecurity Analyst (CySA+).

Teaching will be delivered through a combination of classroom and online methods, which should make it easier for people from a range of backgrounds to get involved.

“Cyber Ready will provide candidates with the necessary training to deal with real-world cyber security incidents and give those interested in the sector the confidence to start a career. CompTIA is dedicated to providing industry-relevant and skills-based training to ensure the next generation of cyber security professionals are the best in breed and from an increasingly diverse group of individuals," said Graham Hunter, vp of certifications at CompTIA.

Minister for Digital and the Creative Industries Margot James said that CSIIF showed that the government was working with the industry to boost skills.

"Untapped talent in cyber security can be found anywhere but unless we look for it everywhere, we risk missing out," she said.

There have been warnings sounded across the industry that the cyber security skills shortage is widening and action needs to be taken to make sure UK firms can protect themselves against threats.

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