Microsoft settles copyright case with Discount-Licensing

Microsoft has settled its case at the High Court with second-hand software specialist Discount-Licensing

Microsoft has settled a copyright infringement with second-hand software player Discount-Licensing Limited and underlined the dangers of resellers handling products that have first been sold into Europe.

The Court backed Microsoft after it moved against Discount-Licensing, which had been selling second-hand licenses which had been illegitimately imported into Europe.

The case has been settled with Discount-Licensing paying Microsoft a significant sum to cover damages and legal costs and with the reseller abandoning its counterclaim over software that had been first sold into the European market. The reseller also has to abide by a court order that regulates its future conduct.

“Second-hand software buyers are rarely in a position to tell whether or not the transaction is legitimate, but it is they who bear the consequences and the potential liability if it turns out to be illegitimate," said Juan Hardoy, assistant general counsel, Digital Crimes Unit, Microsoft EMEA.

"Microsoft is absolutely committed to protecting customers from these risks. Microsoft will therefore continue to bring action against those who infringe its rights and distribute its software unlawfully," he added.

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