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June 2020

All to gain: Unlocking the potential of a diverse and inclusive workforce

The business case for diversity is undeniable. As technology continues to interconnect our societies, our workplaces must mirror the changing environment in which we do business. CompTIA’s Diversity in the high-tech industry research report shared the finding that 64% of respondents believe an organisation with a diverse employee base is more likely to produce world-class innovation. However, with nearly half of UK businesses reporting that the skills gap has worsened over the past two years, small to medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) must take steps to ensure their workplaces are diverse and inclusive, or risk falling behind. What’s at risk? Not only can a lack of diversity damage a firm from the perspective of morale point of view, it can also hinder success on many other fronts. A shortage of technology professionals is an ongoing concern on an international level. According to CompTIA’s recent Diversity and inclusion plan for technology SMBs, the average employee retention period is approximately three years. With three in 10 ...

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