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July 2022

The slow journey to Windows 11

On 4 October 2021, chief product officer at Microsoft, Panos Panay, announced via a blog post that Windows 11 would be available from 5 October. In that post, he described the roll-out as an “exciting milestone” and declared Microsoft as a “driving force for innovation”. “Each one of our partners is critical to bringing Windows 11 to life,” Panay wrote, adding that Microsoft was “pumped to be launching...and proud to offer Windows 11 on the widest array of choice in devices, form factors and silicon”. Security played an important role in the highlight reel for Windows 11, with Panay saying the previous year had proven the necessity for security to be built in “from the hardware up”, including the chip and the cloud, and therefore the platform was designed with security in mind. But by pointing to the enhanced security requirements of Windows 11, he also drew attention to one of the biggest potential drags for existing Windows 10 users on the adoption of the latest operating system (OS). Namely, that it would only be supported on...

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