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September 2022

Is there a need for sustainability-focused channel programmes?

As words go, sustainability is not one of the most graceful or mellifluous there is – not that it matters in an industry which makes a habit of deploying clunky, cumbersome, unwieldy, mangled words and phrases to try to describe its own innovations and trends. Still, sustainability is an increasingly popular and common word across all industries, including IT, creating something of a zero-emission sustainability bandwagon. A lot of zeal for sustainability is driven by customers. A recent review of print vendor sustainability by Quocirca found that more than 80% of customers said it was important that vendors offered sustainable products and services, and that they demonstrated a reduction in their environmental impact. Print vendors are a good place to start, but they are not the be-all and end-all. People might concentrate on print and copier devices because they can see and feel the end product, and there’s an immediate physical product that they can assign an environmental cost to in terms of paper and print. But the focus on...

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