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March 2021

Smart buildings: Shaping how we live and work in 2021

More than half of organisations plan to increase their investment in renewable energy, energy efficiency and smart building technology in 2021. That is according to Johnson Controls’ annual Energy efficiency indicator survey. Interestingly enough, these business plans are comparable with investment trends that came after the 2010 recession; now likely to be a result of preparation for the post-pandemic world. As people begin returning to shared spaces once herd immunity has been reached, the health of building occupants and energy efficiency will continue to be top of mind – and an investment priority for facilities managers around the world. These are the drivers: Health and safety concerns. Reducing energy use and working towards net zero targets. New awareness around reducing the spread of infection as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic. The need to increase the ability to operate in different conditions, both planned and unforeseen. Delving further into the survey and reflecting on the conclusions drawn, it is important to ...

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