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September 2017

Overcoming the GDPR indifference problem

Though the IT industry probably didn’t invent scaremonger marketing, it’s probably fair to say that the technology sector took fear factoring to new levels. Anyone around at the turn of the century can remember the fear stirred up by the millennium bug, and there have been various spikes in scaremongering activity since. User indifference can become a real danger, and with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) looming, those firms trying to get through to customers face additional challenges. The worry is that genuine troubleshooting companies will not be able to get the hearing they deserve. We asked David Nicholson, technical consultant at Axial Systems, how the company gets around this perception problem. The latest IT crisis is GDPR. Can you understand someone on the board of a company thinking, “Here we go, not another scare story”?  This is probably learned behaviour from previous experiences. The real problem is that many board members do not understand why security is so important today and that GDPR has teeth – ...

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