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January 2019

Security driving SD-WAN interest

Resellers positioning SD-WAN might want to tone it down on the cost savings pitch with customers keener to hear about how adopting the technology will improve their security. The technology has been pitched as a way to save money through lower operational costs, provide improved management and capability capabilities, give end-to-end network visibility as well as improving security. It is that last point that is resonating with customers with TechTarget research indicating that right now improving security posture and reducing risk is the number one driver for firms looking at the SD-WAN. Security is followed by using the technology to enable a cloud infrastructure and then the desire to enjoy lower operational costs comes into play. Zeus Kerravala, founder and principal analyst at ZK Research, said the findings of the research showed that the WAN had not fundamentally changed in decades and SD-WAN came with the promise of lower cost and more agility. "The drivers for SD-WAN has really changed and security has bubbled up to the ...

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