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January 2019

Commvault channel chief delivering on the vision

When Commvault's channel chief talked about increasing the support it wanted to offer resellers as one of his main aims after taking up the job there might have been some who thought that the usual cliches about helping partners were being reeled off. But in the ten months since there has been real change at the data management specialist. Its ambitions to put the channel more at the centre have had a profound effect on both its partnership strategy and internal sales approach. Owen Taraniuk, Commvault’s head of worldwide partnerships and market development, was given the channel role at the end of January and straight away talked about this being a year of partner investment. In an update on the progress made in 2018 there can be few doubts that Taraniuk meant what he said back at the start of the year. One of the major tasks was to change the internal sales structure and move rewards around working with partners. The firm has drawn up rules of engagements and made it clear that those sales reps who do not adhere to it will not...

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