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July 2013

Norway's Green Mountain has green data locked down

If you are a systems integrator, reseller or hosting company, at some stage you will have to go and look around a datacentre on behalf of your potential clients. This can’t be an enormous amount of fun. There’s usually a corporate film to sit through first, featuring time lapse photography of a busy city street at night. Believe me, once you’ve seen one film of blurred headlights, you’ve seen them all.  The commentary will invariably contain the time-honoured phrase “in these increasingly competitive times.” Then all kinds of spurious claims are made about the green-ness and power efficiency of the system – but you know it consumes more power than a small town before they get to be efficient with it. They might be efficient in their use of power, but you know that bazillions of fossils had to be burned to fuel all the computations being made. At most of the datacentres I have visited they create a big drama about not letting you in unless you have your passport – even though they know who you are. This is to impress on you how ...

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