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September 2019

How to help businesses reach their digital goals

Anyone daring to utter the words “digital transformation” in close proximity to people in the IT industry is likely to rapidly find him or herself gaining a very clear understanding of what the phrase “bees around honey” means. It’s the hottest trend in IT right now. Anyone who’s anyone is digitally transforming. Or at least talking about it. And no wonder, when IDC forecasts that worldwide spending on technologies and services that enable digital transformation will hit just under $2tn by 2022. IDC research director Shawn Fitzgerald says 30% of G2000 companies will have allocated capital budget to the equivalent of 10% of revenue to their digital strategies. “This shift toward capital funding is an important one as business executives come to recognise digital transformation as a long-term investment,” he states. “This commitment to funding DX [digital transformation] will continue to drive spending well into the next decade.” But that doesn’t mean it’s all smooth sailing. For example, in July, Ger Perdisatt, director for the ...

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